Probase – QA

Probase – QA

Generally Asked questions are here, however if you need more clarification then reach us directly.. Click here

1.  What is the duration of total course?

It is minimum 30days to 45 days or till we finish all the topics.

2. Are there any other charges other than 800rs?

No, this is a free active group and no charges are hidden, we charge 800Rs for basic expenses to conduct the activities.

3.  Any additional study materials required?

No, required only a smart phone and installed with WhatsApp Application. For your studies you may have Laptop/Desktop.

4.  Who all can join?

Any body with age above 21+ are eligible to join PROBASE, concepts are little deeper and younger generation below 21 cannot understand easily.

5.  How to Join?

Please make a payment and share the payment confirmation to 9964237328, payment options are here